Brickmont Custom Homes

Custom Homes from Brickmont Homes Atlanta

custom homes from brickmont pictureThe Brickmont Homes team brings years of cumulative building and construction experience to each and every new project; however, each new construction plan is viewed as unique and individual – and much more than just another “house.” Our goal is to construct something that will be your own personal dream home – exceeding our highest standards. As such, the Brickmont home building team is charged with ensuring that your new home lives up to your expectations.

We understand that your home is one of the most important investments you will ever make; and, we are always conscious of respecting you and your time. To that end, our policy is that if you have a question, we are ready to answer it; if you have a warranty issue, we are ready to fix it; if you just want our advice or opinion about something, we are ready to assist you.